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Give me freedom to travel with Celiac disease.

I love the bars, but I am so thrilled about the meals that Wild Zora has made. I have never been able to travel for long periods of time since I got Celiac disease because I cannot bring a lot of food with me and your dehydrated meals make it possible. They taste great and they are easily packed in a backpack. The bars are the same! I am so thrilled. Thank you guys for making this possible for me.  

- Bre S

Delicious option for Paleo, AIP and other allergies and diets!

These meat bars are FABULOUS!! They are one of my main go-to's when I need a quick, nutritious (and delicious) source of protein. I especially love to take them long-distance hiking. I love that they are easy to bite into--not like jerky (which can be like chewing shoe leather!) And I very much appreciate the varieties that are Paleo AIP friendly. What a wonderful convenience for a not-always-convenient diet. Thank you, Zora!!  

- CM H

Fantastic for teachers and nurses that are too busy to eat.

healthy, balanced, wholesome, tasty bars, perfect for nurses or teachers or students with hectic schedules and no time to sit down to a meal between commitments. love supporting a quality local company!  

-Debbie Arnold